COMPEL Training’s best writing wisdom from 2020! (Check out our video!)

COMPEL Training's best writing wisdom from 2020! (Check out our video!)

Friend, I’m not sure where your heart or head is at today. Maybe your heart is bruised from the past year, maybe your weary soul aches. I get it. This year has been hard and heavy, with disappointments and delayed dreams. Have you wanted to wholeheartedly run after your writing dreams, but your feet can’t seem to find solid ground? Then this, my friend, is for you. 

At COMPEL Training, we leaned into the hard places this year and brought Biblical encouragement, publishing experts, goal setting gurus, and your favorite authors and leaders to inspire, equip, and empower our members on their writing journey. 

Today, we wanted to give you the opportunity to hear some of the highlights from our past year of Wednesday Workshops, a weekly teaching we provide for all of our COMPEL Members. We wanted to give you some encouragement and wisdom from our 2020 presenters so you can reset your goals and dreams 2021. Watch the video below to feel inspired and equipped to start 2021 with a fresh slate, a clear mind and a full heart.

If you are interested in joining COMPEL Training, where we have fresh, new teachings each week, CLICK HERE to learn more. We would love nothing more than to welcome you into our writing community, where you don’t have to walk your writing journey alone. What does it mean to be a COMPEL Member?

When you join COMPEL Training, you get instant access to our COMPASS Questionnaire that helps you identify where you are on your writing journey and gives you the resources you need to make little-by-little progress on your writing dreams. Once you identify where you are as a writer and where you want to be, you can participate in all COMPEL has to offer, like:

    • Live Wednesday Workshops in the member-exclusive, private Facebook group called the Connection Courtyard where you’ll receive direct access to Proverbs 31 Ministries staff.
    • Topical, member-exclusive Facebook Focus Groups to connect with people who share similar writing interests as you.
    • A chance to get feedback on your writing with our COMPEL Critique Groups.
    • Six opportunities each year for your work to be published and reach the Proverbs 31 Ministries online audience of millions of people, including our Encouragement for Today devotion writing challenge and First 5 app challenge
    • A chance to win one of three book contracts with mainstream, traditional publishers Thomas Nelson, Leafwood Publishers, and David C Cook. 
    • The entire COMPEL Course Library, including over 270 lessons ranging in topics from setting good writing habits and beginner writing strategies to how to work with a publishing house to bring your words to the world. 
    • Access to the COMPEL Training Free Resource Library with dozens of free, downloadable resources including a free writing planner and Follow Your Dreams Action Plan.

Will you join us?


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  3. Ashley McCleery: January 11, 2021 at 3:24 pm

    Hey Compel Fam, can you reupload this video with the name of the wonderful lady at 11:38?