How to Build God’s Kingdom While Engaging and Growing Your Audience

Do you have a goal of building your social media platform? Do you ever feel lost in how to grow your social media presence while also maintaining your primary purpose to build God’s Kingdom? Alexandra Hoover, author of Eyes Up: How to Trust God’s Heart by Tracing His Hand, teaches us how to perfect this pursuit. She shows us how to engage with our readers by identifying who we are writing to, all while making much of Jesus! She covers steps to better our skills in glorifying God through our social media presence, teaches us how to build our platform by embracing our audience, and reveals the ways social media can help and hurt us as we reach others for His glory. Below are three takeaways that help you take her teachings from conceptual to practical application! 

  • Identify who you are writing to — speak to their hearts.
  • Show up as an expert who is also growing with them.
  • Always point back to the goal of your ministry — to make much of Jesus and His Kingdom in and through your words, regardless of topic and area of expertise.  

These amazing resources provided by Alexandra will support and strengthen your ministry:

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Embracing Your Platform

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