Follow Your Dreams 2023 Action Plan

It’s time to turn your ideas into reality.

With a new year comes new opportunities and possibilities. Maybe you get excited and energized by the thought of setting goals at the beginning of each calendar year, or perhaps the thought of trying to start something is intimidating and scary. Friend, regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, let us ease your heart and your mind with this reminder:
There’s nothing magical about a new year. But there is something biblical about taking steps of obedience.
That’s why we put together this “Follow Your Dreams 2023 Action Plan” to give you a tangible way to carry out the dreams God has placed in your heart this year.
This step-by-step guide will help you:
– Process your goals with the Lord when you feel uncertain of what to do next, creating space for prayer, reflection and redirection.
– Establish a realistic plan you can refer back to, with practical tips on how to get started today.
– Move forward with what God has called you to do instead of giving up when it gets challenging — by setting checkpoints to track your progress.