Direct Access:

A Writers’ Book Club

What is COMPEL Direct Access: A Writers’ Book Club?

At COMPEL Training, we have a heart for walking alongside every writer who dreams of bringing their life-giving words to the world. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a published author and professional editor sit down with you and show you how?

Direct Access is a unique book club because we don’t simply study the content of the book but instead study the specific methods the author and editor used to write the book. Each week, in a private Facebook group, the author and editor assign reading assignments and you study them together. You’ll learn the special techniques and tools the writer and editor used to effectively communicate the message God placed on their hearts. The best part? You have direct access to the author and editor to ask questions, connect and engage with them in real time! 

This interactive experience will inspire and equip you while providing direction and encouragement to pursue your own writing and publishing dreams.

*Direct Access is a FREE benefit for all active COMPEL members.  If you join and become a member of COMPEL Training, all future studies will be available to participate in at no cost.

What makes the COMPEL Direct Access so unique and valuable for aspiring writers?

  • It is a rare opportunity for writers to learn directly from the author of a book as well as the publishing house editor. 
  • Direct Access discussions don’t focus on the content or stories in a book but instead focus on the specific writing techniques the author used, as well as tips about the editing process. 
  • Writers are given direct access to the author and editor in real time and get their questions about writing and publishing answered by seasoned professionals.

How does the COMPEL Direct Access work?

Upon purchasing access to the book club, you will receive a confirmation email with book study details, a link to purchase the book and an invitation to join the private Facebook group where the study will take place. In this Facebook group, the following things occur: 

  • Each week for the duration of the study (typically four weeks), the author and editor will post three times per day, three days per week.  
  • Posts will include weekly reading assignments, discussion questions about the assigned chapters, teaching videos from the author and/or editor, and occasional Facebook live videos where group members can interact with the author and editor in real time, as well as other key players from the publishing house. 
  • The author and editor will be active in the Facebook group, interacting with group members and answering their questions throughout the entire study.

When will the next book club be?

The book study will begin on October 4, 2021, and end on October 29, 2021.

What book is being studied in Fall 2021?

Our fall study will be featuring author Felicia Harris and her newly released book First in the Family: Biblical Truths for Cycle Breakers,   published by Leafwood Publishers/Abilene University Press. More information about the author and editor can be found below.

What will I learn in this study?

Telling our stories through writing can often feel hard, even if we know God has called us to share so our words can impact the lives of others and the Kingdom of God. Writing often feels raw and vulnerable, especially if it involves other people and even more so if it involves family members. 

In this behind-the-scenes study of how First in the Family was written, selected for publication, edited and published, you’ll not only learn how the author, Felicia Harris, pushed past her fears but you’ll also glean incredible, practical writing tips Felicia used to write a proposal that attracted a publisher to her book. You’ll also learn directly from her editor, Jason Fikes, Director at Abilene Publishing/Leafwood Publishers, as well as from other editors and Leafwood staff involved in the process.

In this study, you will learn: 

  • How to act on God’s call to write your story and the importance of being vulnerable and honest. 
  • Proven tips and strategies for how to practically manage the process of writing an entire manuscript. 
  • A unique “backwards design” writing process Felicia discovered and used when writing her book, which will help you think through how to set up chapters and outlines. 
  • Steps for creating a road map to writing individual chapters and an entire book by articulating visions and goals. 
  • How to get to know God for yourself through His Word, which will change you as well as your writing and how you include Scripture in your work.
  • Best practices for storytelling and incorporating some of the Bible’s most popular characters’ struggles into your own story and message.
  • How to make sure each chapter has a takeaway for the reader and a distinct call to action for how a reader will implement the takeaway into their own life.
  • An inside look at the editing process and tips on how to reach the heart of your reader, especially through the sharing of your own story. 
  • And so much more! 

What is the price to participate in this four-week book club study with COMPEL?

For the low cost of only $29.98, you will be given access to join the private Facebook group where this book study will take place for four weeks. This price does not include access to COMPEL Training — only access to this book study in the private Facebook group and the information will be available indefinitely. 

A Facebook account is required to participate in Direct Access. Interested in joining but don’t have Facebook? You can create a free, anonymous account on Facebook, with no photo if desired, by using the email address you used to purchase Direct Access. Once you place your Direct Access purchase order, you will receive a link directing you to the Facebook group, where you can request to join.

Do I have to purchase the book we will be studying?

While not mandatory, we recommend every participant purchase a copy of the book. This allows the participant to get the most out of the study and fully participate in the reading assignments and intensive studying of how the book was written. 

The $29.98 cost to participate does not include the price of the book. Upon purchasing access to the book club, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to purchase the book at the Proverbs 31 bookstore, or you can purchase the book from any retailer of your choice. 

Order your book from Proverbs 31 by September 21, 2021, and get three free gifts, too! Click the button below to purchase from P31 and claim your freebies.

  • Free First in the Family accompanying study guide
  • Cycle-breaker affirmations printable
  • Beautiful phone wallpaper

Instructions on how to claim your free gifts can be found by clicking the link above to purchase your copy of First in the Family.

How do I sign up?

We can’t wait to study and learn with you from seasoned publishing professionals! Click the button below to make your purchase and participate in the upcoming Direct Access. You won’t regret it! It’s an intensive writing experience you can’t find anywhere else.  

Upon receipt of your purchase, you will receive an email with all the book study details including the link and password to join the Direct Access Facebook group.

First in the Family: Biblical Truths for Cycle Breakers,
by  Felicia Harris, releasing September 14, 2021.

Author Harris 1

Felicia Harris Author of First in the Family: Biblical Truths for Cycle Breakers Paperback – releasing September 14, 2021

Felicia L. Harris, PhD, is a writer, speaker, and communication professor whose work has been featured in HuffPostFaithfully MagazineOur Bible App, and other publications. Her mission is to empower others to imagine beautiful futures for those who are often overlooked. She accomplishes this through academic scholarship and ministry work as an intercessory prayer warrior and small group leader. She lives in Houston, Texas, with her son, Omari, and their dog, Ray Charlie.


Jason Fikes Director Abilene Christian University Press / Leafwood Publishers

Jason Fikes is the Director of Leafwood Publishers. He came to the press after almost twenty years of full-time ministry with churches in Texas and California. Jason holds a Ph.D. in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and teaches graduate courses for Abilene Christian University. He’s a lifelong Houston sports fan who enjoys watching sci-fi and Marvel movies with his wife and daughters.


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